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Do you need a simple tool to know your website statistics? Do you need to represent these statistics? Are you caring about your users’ privacy while analyzing who are interested in your business or website? With WP Statistics you can know your website statistics without any need to send your users’ data anywhere. You can know how many people visit your personal or business website, where they’re coming from, what browsers and search engines they use, and which of your contents, categories, tags and users get more visits.
All these data are recorded in your server, and YES! WP Statistics is GDPR compliant.
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Visitor Data Records including IP, Referring Site, Browser, Search Engine, OS, Country and City
Stunning Graphs and Visual Statistics
Visitor’s Country Recognition
Visitor’s City Recognition
The number of Visitors coming from each Search Engine
The number of Referrals from each Referring Site
Top 10 common browsers; Top 10 countries with most visitors; Top 10 most-visited pages; Top 10 referring sites
Hits Time-Based Filtering
Statistics on Contents based on Categories, Tags, and Writers
Widget Support for showing Statistics
Data Export in TSV, XML, and CSV formats
Statistical Reporting Emails
[Premium] Real-time stats
[Premium] More Advanced reporting
And much more information represented in graphs & charts along with data filtering
Some advanced features are Premium, which means you need to buy extra add-ons to unlock those features. You can get Premium add-ons here!
If you encounter any bug, please create an issue on GitHub where we can act upon them more efficiently. Since Github is not a support forum, just bugs are welcomed, and any other request will be closed.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-statistics/

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