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WP Store Locator is a powerful and easy to use location management system.
You can customize the appearance of the map, and provide custom labels for entry fields.
Users can filter the results by radius, and see driving directions to the nearby stores in
the language that is set in the admin panel.
Manage an unlimited numbers of stores.
Provide extra details for stores like the phone, fax, email, url, description and opening hours. There are filters available that allow you add custom meta data.
Support for custom map styles.
Choose from nine retina ready marker icons.
Show the driving distances in either km or miles.
Shortcodes that enable you to add individual opening hours, addresses or just a map with a single marker to any page.
Compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML and qTranslate X.
You can drag the marker in the editor to the exact location on the map.
Show the search results either underneath the map, or next to it.
Show Google Maps in different languages, this also influences the language for the driving directions.
Show the driving directions to the stores.
Customize the max results and search radius values that users can select.
Users can filter the returned results by radius, max results or category.
Supports marker clusters.
Customize map settings like the terrain type, location of the map controls and the default zoom level.
Use the Geolocation API to find the current location of the user and show nearby stores.
Developer friendly code. It uses custom post types and includes almost 50 different filters that help you change the look and feel of the store locator.
GDPR – Load Google Maps only after the user agrees to it ( requires the Borlabs Cookie plugin ).
Please take a look at the store locator documentation before making a support request.
Getting Started
CSV Manager
The CSV Manager allows you to bulk import, export and update your locations using a CSV file.
Search Widget
The Search Widget enables users to search from any of the widgetized areas in your theme for nearby store locations, and show the results on the store locator page.
The Statistics add-on enables you to keep track of the locations users are searching for and see where there is demand for a new store.
The Extenders add-on adds the features needed by power users such as managing location based events, social media information and locations managed by other logged in users.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-store-locator/

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