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We know you always loved those tab widgets which have that lazy loading effect in them. We at MyThemeShop understand your need, and have developed a unique, cleanly coded, premium tab plugin. We are now distributing it for FREE to give back to the WordPress community. We have been given so much by the WordPress, it’s the time to pay back.
WP Tab plugin is the only plugin you need to get the perfect tabs on your blog. We have made it AJAXified, so the content loads only when demanded, and thus it makes the plugin incredibly lightweight. It loads before you could even blink your eye. If you’re a website owner, you always want your visitors to stay longer on your website. With WP Tab plugin, you could do it in a simple way. Install the plugin, configure the widget and let your visitors find the best content on your website in the sidebar without struggling to actually search for it.
See WP Tab Widget in action on our demo pages:
It’s the only free plugin which offers so many features
It loads the content by demand
Choose between, Popular, Recent, Comments, Tags tab
In-built Pagination System
Fully Responsive
Control the order of the tabs
Change the number of tabs to show
Control the number of posts to show
Super light weight
In-built cache system, once a tab is loaded, it stays in the memory
Cool effects
Easy to modify the CSS to better fit your theme style
Choose between 3 unique styles of small, big or no thumbnails
Show/Hide post date
Show/Hide number of comments
Show/Hide post excerpt
Position it anywhere where a widget is configured in your theme.
All support for this plugin is provided through our forums. If you have not registered yet, you can do so here for FREE


If after checking our Free WordPress video tutorials here:

WordPress 101

you are still stuck, please feel free to open a new thread, and a member of our support team will be happy to help.
Support link:
MyThemeShop is a premium WordPress theme provider and we develop premium plugins in our free time and distribute them for free to give back to the community. Though we take a lot of care while developing anything, we might have missed something useful/important. Please help us make it better by submitting the bug/suggestions/feedback on GitHub.
GitHub link: https://github.com/MyThemeShopTeam/WP-Tab-Widget
If you like this plugin, then please leave us a good rating and review.
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MyThemeShopWP Tab Widget Pro – Premium free có key full crack Dịch vụ SEO TVD SEO

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