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Receiving feedback is crucial as a content creator, but unfortunately, the pieces of content you can collect it on are limited by default. However, with the help of the WP ULike plugin, it is possible to cast voting to any type of content you may have on your website. With outstanding and eye-catching widgets, you can have Like and Dislike Button on all of your content would it be a post, comment, BuddyPress activity, bbPress topics, WooCommerce products, you name it. Now you can feel your users Love for each part of your work.
It’s time for WP ULike.
With WP ULike’s unique features, the great transformation of your website will begin, and with high speed and precision, along with the features that are added day by day, you will have a comprehensive tool that meets all your marketing needs.
We revamped our settings panel design and features to be more user-friendly and more straight forward approach. Easy settings, Happy customers. WP ULike plugin has clean coding, resource management and tones of features so you can customize every part of your buttons just by a few clicks.
Choose from 20+ of our beautiful templates and customize them to make them your own.
With WP ULike comprehensive Statistics tools, you can track what your users love and what annoys them in an instance. You can extract reports of likes and dislikes in Tables, Charts, Pie Charts or whichever you prefer with some easy steps, no confusing options and coding needed.
THE ULTIMATE USER PROFILE BUILDER [PRO] Now that you have equipped your website using WP ULike plugin, you probably want people to stick around and use it right? Well, if you want to keep people on your website or just have a panel that displays user information as well, especially if it is a social platform, then you have got to allow them to easily create profiles.
The WP ULike profile builder is packed with tons of features and functionalities to boost your experience of profile management. Not only this but it also comes with functional hooks and easy development structure, and if you’re a developer, you can customize all the components to your liking.
CUSTOMIZE EVERY PART OF YOUR YOULIKE PLUGIN [PRO] Elementor is the #1 WordPress page builder. In the new version of the WP ULike PRO plugin, we fully support this page builder and have a variety of widgets & controllers that make life much easier for you.
Just drag your desired widget and drop it in your Elementor sections, customize as you go and enjoy your like and dislike buttons on your contents.
EASY WORDPRESS LOGIN AND REGISTRATION FORMS [PRO] Not happy with the default WordPress login and registration pages? In WP ULike Pro, We provide you with more control and flexibility over your WordPress default forms. It redefines what a login and registration plugin be able to do with fast AJAX requests & easy made templates.
BOOST YOUR SEO BY USING OUR SCHEMA MARKUP GENERATOR [PRO] Schema markup is a form of data structure and helps Search Engine to have a better understanding of content. The Process for adding these schemas to your webpage is quite messy and confusing. Because of that, WP ULike Pro adds a Metabox to your posts so you can easily generate your custom rich snippets.
EASY SOCIAL SHARE BUTTONS FOR WORDPRESS [PRO] WP ULike Share buttons enables your website users to share the content over Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and over 23 more social sharing services. This is the Simplest and Smoothest Social Sharing service with optimized and great looking vector icons.
So let’s talk PROfessional! WP ULike Pro has support DisLike button alongside Like button, both of them are completely customizable in our redesigned settings menu with tones of features and more beautiful and stylish templates. the PRO version of the plugin is now compatible with Elementor Page builder and you can easily choose from +7 widgets by simply drag and drop them to your content. as you build your page and content with Elementor, you can add and customize Like and Dislike button in every part such as Posts, Comments, activities, etc.
There are many other features to help you build better websites:
Like, Dislike and Subtotal Votings support
Simple and effective options to customize every aspect of plugin styles
Supports Rest APIs with a Variety of Routes for Use in Apps
Advanced Settings Panel With Easy Backup and Flexible Customization Options
Professional Schema.org Generator + Start Ratings
AJAX Based Login, Registration, Reset Password and Edit Profile forms
Easy local avatar upload inside front-end and dashboard area
Progressive Log Management Panel, with advanced search capabilities
Database optimization panel with various options
+20 Carefully Designed Premium Templates
Anonymize IP option for GDPR compliance
Flexible Metabox Options with More Customization Settings For Each Post
Full myCred (Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin) Support
Professional Statistics Panel With Date Range & Status Controllers
Notifications System (Custom toast messages after each activity)
Applied Shortcodes with Easy Shortcode Generator Button
Full Support for Elementor Page Builder With Functional Widgets
Support Cache Plugins: WP Rocket, LiteSpeed, W3 Total Cache, Fastest Cache, Super Cache, etc.
And much more…
Join the elite web professionals who enjoy WP ULike PRO.
If you want to contribute, go to our WP ULike GitHub Repository and see where you can help.
You can also add a new language via translate.wordpress.org.
Visit Our Home Page.
See Online Demo.
For documentation and tutorials go to our Documentation.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-ulike/

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