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This plugin dynamically creates dynamic feeds that comply with the XML Sitemap and the Google News Sitemap protocol. Multisite, Polylang and WPML compatible and there are no static files created.
There are options to control which sitemaps are enabled, which Post Types and archive pages (like taxonomy terms and author pages) are included, how Priority and Lastmod are calculated, who to ping and a possibility to set additional robots.txt rules from within the WordPress admin.
The main advantage of this plugin over other XML Sitemap plugins is simplicity. No need to change file or folder permissions, move files or spend time tweaking difficult plugin options.
You, or site owners on your Multisite network, will not be bothered with overly complicated settings like most other XML Sitemap plugins. The default settings will suffice in most cases.
An XML Sitemap Index becomes instantly available on yourblog.url/sitemap.xml (or yourblog.url/?feed=sitemap if you’re not using a ‘fancy’ permalink structure) containing references to posts and pages by default, ready for indexing by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask. When the Google News Sitemap is activated, it will become available on yourblog.url/sitemap-news.xml (or yourblog.url/?feed=sitemap-news), ready for indexing by Google News. Both are automatically referenced in the dynamically created robots.txt on yourblog.url/robots.txt to tell search engines where to find your XML Sitemaps. Google and Bing will be pinged on each new publication.
Please read the FAQ’s for info on how to get your articles listed on Google News.
Compatible with caching solutions like CloudFlare, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and Quick Cache that cache feeds, allowing a faster serving to the impatient (when hungry) spider.
If you do not use fancy URL’s or you have WordPress installed in a subdirectory, a dynamic robots.txt will NOT be generated. You’ll have to create your own and upload it to your site root! See FAQ’s.
On large sites, it is advised to use a good caching plugin like WP Super Cache, Quick Cache, W3 Total Cache or another to improve your site and sitemap performance.
Compatible with multi-lingual sites using Polylang or WPML to allow all languages to be indexed equally.
Option to add new robots.txt rules. These can be used to further control (read: limit) the indexation of various parts of your site and subsequent spread of pagerank across your sites pages.
Includes XLS stylesheets for human readable sitemaps.
Sitemap templates and stylesheets can be overridden by theme template files.
XML Sitemap
Sitemap Index includes posts, pages and authors by default.
Optionally include sitemaps for custom post types, categories and tags.
Sitemap with custom URLs optional.
Custom/static sitemaps can be added to the index.
Works out-of-the-box, even on Multisite installations.
Include featured images or attached images with title.
Pings Google, Bing & Yahoo on new post publication.
Options to define which post types and taxonomies get included in the sitemap.
Updates Lastmod on post modification or on comments.
Set Priority per post type, per taxonomy and per individual post.
Exclude individual posts and pages.
Google News Sitemap
Required news sitemap tags: Publication name, language, title and publication date.
Set a News Publication Name or uses site name.
Supports custom post types.
Limit inclusion to certain post categories.
Pings Google on new publications, once per 5 minutes.
Google News Advanced
Multiple post types – Include more than one post type in the same News Sitemap.
Keywords – Add the keywords tag to your News Sitemap. Keywords can be created from Tags, Categories or a dedicated Keywords taxonomy.
Stock tickers – Add stock tickers tag to your News Sitemap. A dedicated Stock Tickers taxonomy will be available to manage them.
Ping log – Keep a log of the latest pings to Google with exact date and response status.
This plugin does not collect any user or visitor data nor set browser cookies. Using this plugin should not impact your site privacy policy in any way.
Data that is published
An XML Sitemap index, referencing other sitemaps containing your web site’s public post URLs of selected post types that are already public, along with their last modification date and associated image URLs, and any selected public archive URLs.
A Google News Sitemap containing your web site’s public and recent (last 48 hours) URLs of selected news post type, along with their publication time stamp and associated image URL.
An author sitemap can be included, which will contain links to author archive pages. These urls contain author/user slugs, and the author archives can contain author bio information. If you wish to keep this out of public domain, then deactivate the author sitemap and use an SEO plugin to add noindex headers.
Data that is transmitted
Data actively transmitted to search engines is your sitemap location and time of publication. This happens upon each post publication when at least one of the Ping options on Settings > Writing is enabled. In this case, the selected search engines are alerted of the location and updated state of your sitemap.
If you’re happy with this plugin as it is, please consider writing a quick rating or helping other users out on the support forum.
If you wish to help build this plugin, you’re very welcome to translate it into your language or contribute code on Github.
XML Sitemap Feed was originally based on the discontinued plugin Standard XML Sitemap Generator by Patrick Chia. Since then, it has been completely rewritten and extended in many ways.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/xml-sitemap-feed/

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